LifeWorks helps employers deliver a total well-being experience that drives measurable business results.

In collaboration with Tiphaine Rolland, Joshua Chelton and James Parker, I spent 2 months in autumn 2017 working from creative directions to colors, icons, website, photography, photoshoot and marketing collaterals design. 


"Paul is a highly collaborative designer and story teller. He approaches every challenge with enthusiasm and with an attitude of exploration and playfulness essential in achieving great design work. During our time together at LifeWorks, I was very impressed by his ability to both, listen and receive feedback and successfully communicate his design vision."

Angelica Beristain Software Engineer | UX designer

01. Research

Current brand

Spent few month beforehands taking care of the brand and understanding gaps in marketing needs as well as finding out what existing brand assets were unique and flexible enough to keep.

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 2

Brand archetypes

We first looked at the Magician and the Caregiver brand archetypes and try to create sub-moodboards illustrating variants of the two.

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 3
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 4

Creative directions

Once decided on going for the magician archetype, we ordered the different variant in meaningful creative direction connected with the wellbeing brand.

They were "switching perspective", "Reaching the summit", "guided to a better place", "opening a better place".

03. Concept

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 5

Guided to a better place

After presenting to the board, we realised that this creative direction had the most positive reaction in terms of connection to their wellbeing brand. 


We therefore re-opened this direction by designing more example and see how we want to push the line. These are my examples.

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 3
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 6

Line work

I was personally in charge of developping the line work, find a system that will be able to scale up and illustrate the different features of the app.

Icon set

After few weeks of work and some team design reviews, I came up with this set of icons.

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 8

Design system

To be able to keep future consistency accross the line work, I created a system of proportionate circles that will allow to build icon effectively. 

03. Designs

Introduction film
by Caroline True

New logo

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 10


Paul Pajot Lifeworks 10
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 11

Product shot

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 12
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 12 Copy

Sales deck

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 13

Marketing site

Paul Pajot Lifeworks 16
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 17


Paul Pajot Lifeworks 14
Paul Pajot Lifeworks 15
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