Poz Ton Blaz

"Drop Your Name" is a drawing webapp synced with Twitter that allows anyone to engage with and respond to the news.

Web developer Romain Couturier and graphic designer Paul Pajot delivered this webapp project as a response to the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

The webapp is no longer online but remains a proud example of our conceptual, design and coding capabilities.

How it works

Pose Ton Blaz allows you to reply to the news posted on Twitter with a drawing, in a few easy steps:


1. Check the gallery

On the homepage you can see the latest drawings from the community, as well as  a call to action to get started. In this example the headline "Michel Houellebecq novel gets in the lead of all the best-sellers" has been illustrated by @epicerieatelier.


2. Choose your headline

The Tweet selection features the feeds from the three main French newspapers - Le Monde, Libération and Figaro. Just take your pick to start drawing.


3. Draw!

With this drawing tool, you can use your mouse to illustrate your choosen headline. In this example "Paris-Charles de Gaulle is in the top 5 of the best airport for shopping" by Le Figaro newspaper.


Drop your name!

Synced with Twitter, the webapp allows you to post your reply from your own account and without leaving the platform.



Here is a selection of drawings that were posted via the app.

@lemondefr: "« The Scream » by Munch will be exhibited in Paris"


@libe: "Egypt: 230 militants anti-Moubarak"


@libe: "On Friday's headline : a french jihadist"


@lemondefr: "At the Oscars, «Interstellar» brought back to earth by small independent movies"


@lemondefr: "The ISS crew is safe after another incident"


@lemondefr: "League championship : follow Lille-PSG live"


@Le_Figaro: "The body of Hervé Gourdel discovered in Kabylie"


@libe: "Carlton's trial : «Sex, power, revelations"


@libe: "On Friday's headline : a french jihadist"


@libe: "Jamaica legalises canabis"


Let’s work together

You can email me at bonjour@paulpajot.com ogive me a call on +44 (0) 757 726 3859 and don't worry I am french but I only eat frogs.

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