Tourism Ireland

Lead designer on a major digital and brand re-design for Tourism Ireland ( 2020).

Created Design Directions (UI principles and Art directions) as well as sketching wireframes(UX) and designing prototypes (UI).

Also involved in the high-level strategy, client presentations & workshops.

01. Research

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.49.18 AM

Competitive analysis

Spent one month collecting best examples into Confluence with screenshots and collective comments. 


Exploring ways to create automated ways to personalise colour per pages. 

By picking the dominant colours of an image with online tools, I created gradient overlays making the type legible. 


Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland


For each hypothesis, I created a prototype that the UX team would test with Validately. 

This one if for "formalise" transforming an idea into a concept. 


The pitch video that helped us demonstrate our vision for the product. 

Created all the screen designs and mock-ups based on an agreed storyboard.


At the end of the research phase, I created a Design Direction document to frame the next phase of delivery. 

It includes Brand and UI principles supporting the overall strategy. 

Design direction presentation


The use of white spaces with non-aligned components will aim to carry the irish quirk and folklore.

Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 5


Generous use of colours and playful use of interactions will make the experience warm and welcoming.

Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 6


The full screen layout and high contrast in shapes and typography will play with the sense of scale.

Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 7

02. Concept

Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 4

Overarching principle

After 4 months of research, I combined all the design directions (Quirk, Warm, Striking) into one single overarching principle: Contrast.

Design development presentation 

How we show this visually

Contrast of size

Contrast of colour

How we show
this with content

As a user, the more you go down the funnel, the more you need your content to be contextualised with map, budget, travel options...

Therefore the split evolve with the needs by growing as the user go down the funnel: Inspire, formalise and plan.

3. Designs


Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 9

Page designs

Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 11
Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 12
Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 13
Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 14
Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 15
Paul Pajot Tourism Ireland 16

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