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"Laissez Vous Guider" is website/campaign made for the Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris to stimulate the local economy of Paris and its outskirt by helping Tourist Guides match with local adventurers.

Concept, Art Direction, Illustration, Web Design: Paul Pajot
Full-stack development: Romain Couturier
Client and Project Management: Yann Gauthier


It's spring in the highlands, and a bright sun starts to spring new life around a slowly-thawing stream. Beneath its cracked surface, lurking in the shadow of a flourishing bank, a young and intrepid salmon is born: Salmo.

One night, under the glow of an ominous moon, Salmo begins a mysterious tranformation that will markthe start of a coming-of-age journey to the glacial confines of the Arttics.

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