The battle of taste

The Battle of Taste is a documentary about cheese-makers struggling to produce traditional cheese in our modern food industry.

In co-direction with Delphine Piault and assisted by Gabriel Saada I was in especially in charge of the filming, editing, color-grading, sound-mixing of this this 15 minutes documentary.

Subtitles available in english.

01. Research


4 months around France

From north to south, we talked to many cheesemakers and realised the real issue didn't lie in consumers not buying traditional cheeses. Indeed, every year 3% of the food market is taken back from supermaket to local producers. It's the human cost of producing those cheeses that could lead to craftmanship loss. 

The land, the tools, the effort from animal breeding to milk transformation, the lack of interest by new generations of successors and the health regulations againt some molding traditional processes... could ultimately, cause cheesemakers to stop their activity. Taking away ancestral knowledges of craftmanship with them. This documentary "The Battle of Taste" is a testimonial to this struggle.

Understand the space

Looked at UXUS floorplan, trying to understand how the space is divided between the different activities. Rendering their early sketches and starting concepting within its space.

02. Concept


Illustrating Terroir

Merging images between, landscapes, animals, cheesemakers to illustrate the concept of “terroir”: the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives local products their distinctive character.


3. Films

Teaser 1:38min

Documentary 17:03min - English subtitles

That's it!

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