Turn a tree into a harp. Turn a table into a drumkit. Turn a chair into a MIDI controller. Mogees gives you an entire world of new creative possibilities and is now available on the market! 

We designed the interface of the app to match with IOs behavior and style and to be flexibly used across tablet and desktop. 

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01. Research

By looking at the existing brand guidelines designed by Beatrice Finauro, Paul Pajot started defining the use of typography, colour and layout in the app. We also defined the best User Experience by mapping all the key moment on a user flow and looked at all the visual reference given by Mogees.


All the interface

Imitating the iOS interface with the typical top navigation, slide-right tabs, vertical slider selector, rounded buttons...



Looking at icons from famous music synthetisers like the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer to create a new set of icons for the app.


The keyboard

Designed a custom keyboard slider to allow users picking their pitch note without losing their well-known "piano" visual reference.


Saved settings

You can easily understand what your current configurations are with colour distinction and a setting summary list.



When you first launch the app, an easy to use tutorial will walk you through all the different key features of the app.


UI Kit

With this lite UI kit and some layout, colour and typography direction, Mogees has been able to easily scale its app from mobile to tablet and desktop.


Let’s work together

You can email me at ogive me a call on +44 (0) 757 726 3859 and don't worry I am french but I only eat frogs.

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